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Tiferet is the sefirah closest to my heart, so it’s not surprising that when editing this week’s sections together, I had two different (very different!) versions of “Tiferet of Tiferet” to choose from. So I chose both! Maybe together these two rooms can begin to describe the threshold inbetween.

If you want to know what the individual sefirot are in this piece, here’s a guide:

Chesed (blue) is of course first, and its additional instrument is a shruti box that is also controlling what the modules do.

Gevurah (red) starts at around 4:45 minutes. Its additional instrument is a layered lap steel.

Tiferet 1 (green) starts at 11:45, and has no added instrument.

Tiferet 2 (green) starts at 15:30, and has lap steel.

Netzach (light pink) starts at 20:26 and has lap steel.

Hod (dark pink) starts at 23:52 and again uses lap steel.

Headphones recommended.