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This week starts out noisy with Chesed of Gevurah, where I speed up a drum module until it becomes a defacto oscillator. Stick around, the rest is a bit more mellow! Overall, this week is heavier on keyboards and sequencers of various kinds (often sequencing each other).

If you want to know what the individual sefirot are in this piece, here’s a guide:

Chesed (blue) is of course first.

Gevurah (red) starts at around 5:00 minutes (its additional instrument is a Kalimba [thumb piano]).

Tiferet (green) starts at 7:18, and has no added instrument.

Netzach (light pink) starts at 12:06 and has added lap steel.

Hod (dark pink) starts at 16:12 and again uses Sidrazzi with a lot of delay (and, again, contact me if you want more info about the Sidrazzi).

Headphones recommended.