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My first attempt to explore the synthesizer/sefirot analogy, it is also my most “rigorous.” I tried to keep the elements as basic as possible to highlight the daily pairings. So Chesed of Chesed is an oscillator only, Gevurah of Chesed is a sequencer and oscillator only, and so on. Also, I tried to make the number of sequencer steps progress by one step each day, making Hod, for instance, a five step sequence. I abandoned this rule for future weeks. I’m very pleased with the results, but if they seem too austere, stay tuned for the relative lushness of the coming weeks.

If you want to know what the individual sefirot are in this piece, here’s a guide:

Chesed (blue) is of course first.

Gevurah (red) starts at around 1:48 minutes (its additional instrument is a lap-steel guitar with an ebow).

Tiferet (green) starts at 3:12, and its added instrument is a shruti box.

Netzach (light pink) starts at 7:32 and has added Sidrazzi Organ (a crazy hand-made [not by me] electronic instrument. Contact me if you want more info).

Hod (dark pink) starts at 12:51 and again uses lap steel guitar.

Headphones recommended.